M. Jones Companies
M. Jones Companies

  • At MJC, we specialize in Technology and Construction Management Services.

    At MJC, our teams offer construction services in a wide area of trades; drywall, carpentry, electrical, masonry, painting, plumbing, asphalt, concrete, and even more. We also offer expertise in project management, permitting, and a variety of technology management services as well.

    Our Technology Services Include:

    Computer and Office Equipment Security

    At MJC, we offer theft deterrence solutions for microcomputers and other business equipment including site security assessments and sale. We also offer the installation and maintenance of cost effective, low profile, anti-theft devices, in order to prevent unauthorized movement or removal of equipment or internal components.

    Information Technology Services

    Our teams offer a full range of consulting and information systems services ranging from the design and implementation of networks and information systems, to the setup of help desk and telephone support centers. Consulting services are geared to solving government and business problems through technology and field-proven management methodology.

    System Integration Services

    Our system integration services include the integration management of hardware and software, wide and local area networking, consulting, application development, and training services. At MJC, our systems specialists have extensive experience with enterprise networks and legacy systems, along with a variety of software and hardware platforms and protocols. We can provide complete project life cycle solutions, using solid proven processes and methodologies.

    Information Technology Security

    Our teams at MJC are known for their outstanding capabilities with analyzing vulnerabilities, as well as developing risk mitigating solutions and strategies for desktops, and LAN/WAN infrastructures and websites.

    Cable and Wire Services

    At MJC we provide engineering, site surveys; CAT "5" & "6" (Plenum & Enhanced) cable and fiber installation and cable management systems, fiber optic applications systems and backbone, maintenance, and logistic services for telecommunications systems and networks.

    Computer Maintenance and Repair

    Our teams at MJC provide a comprehensive blend of nationwide coverage, multi-vendor and multi-systems support, project management expertise, and customized service programs including on-site and on-call repair.